Manchester Bands Posters

Manchester Bands Posters

Great poster-style artworks of iconic Manchester bands from 1976 to 1992 by Jordan Bolton, artist and musician. The mancunian iconic bands chosen by Jordan were all seven from the seventies and eighties to just before the burst of Brit Pop.

From Buzzcoks, John Cooper Clark, Joy Division and the Fall to New Order and The Stone Roses without forgetting the 5 Years Gold band of the British music : The Smiths.


J. Bolton gathered this poster for the exhibition ‘Still Lives: Music in Manchester, 1976-1992’ which was held at Manchester Piccadilly station from 25 January to 25 April 2014.

In his own words:

'The idea for the project was inspired by my love of Manchester acts such as The Smiths, Joy Division and John Cooper Clarke, and how there is something about the influential music of Manchester which has a timeless quality, making it feel as relevant today as ever.'

'I wanted to put all these bands together in one exhibition and I thought it would be interesting to include them alongside the important venues within Manchester, which were a huge part of Manchester's cultural history but do not get as much public attention,' says Bolton. 'Most of these venues have now been turned into something else, and so we pass them in the centre of Manchester everyday but are not aware of their significance and place in our culture.'

It’s time now to pick your poster and enjoy at home the true atmosphere of Indie Manchester Sound from the punk of the Buzzcocks to the magic of The Stone Roses.

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John Cooper Clarke Poster

John Cooper Clarke was born 25 January 1949 in Salford, Greater Manchester. He is an English performance poet famous during the punk rock era of the late 1970s when he became known as a "punk poet". ..


Joy Division Poster

Joy Division have turned out to be one of the most influential indie and rock groups in music history although their short career that spanned only four years. Formed in Salford, Greater Manchester..


New Order Poster

New Order are an English rock band formed in 1980 in Salford, Greater Manchester. The founders of the group were the remaining members of Joy Division after the singer committed suicide. The origin..


The Buzzcoks Poster

The Buzzcocks are an English Punk band formed in 1976 in Bolton by vocalist Howard Devoto and guitarist Pete Shelley.  The same year the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned and Generation X formed..


The Fall Poster

The Fall formed in 1976 in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, by Mark E. Smith. Though in the beginnings the band was associated with the late 1970s punk movement, the band music style evolved often co..


The Smiths Poster

Beautiful art-work poster of The Smiths reflecting somehow one of the keys of the band, the Typewriter as a symbol of the brilliant lyrics of Morrissey. Jason Bolton, the artist, did want to include t..


The Stone Roses Poster

The Stone Roses is an indie band formed in the beginnings of the 80s in Manchester.  The main members of the band include Ian Brown as vocals, John Squire on the guitar, Mani on the bass and Reni..